Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc is an established leader in the document imaging industry, delivering innovative scanning and software solutions that enable customers to solve critical productivity issues and streamline operations across all business lines.

Digital Transformation on the Edge With Fujitsu Document Solutions

Learn why digital transformation is important for all businesses and how Fujitsu’s PaperStream NX Technology makes it easy for solution providers to expand their product portfolio and increase their customer reach.

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Fujitsu fi-800R: A Work From Home Solution

Ultra-compact and ultra-light, yet fully capable, the award-winning* Fujitsu fi-800R is the perfect data-capture companion:

  • Designed for ease of use and versatility.
  • Fast 40 ppm scan speed with 20-page ADF for batch scanning.
  • U-turn feeding maximizes usable space.
  • Realize cost savings with increased efficiency.
  • Scans standard documents, IDs, receipts, and even thick passports.
  • Ideal for all industries such as healthcare, government, education, financial, and manufacturing.

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*Winner, Scanner Notes 2019 Award of No. 1 Most Versatile Scanner of the Year.



Fujitsu’s document and image scanning solutions meet the needs of educators in local school districts, community colleges, and large universities by delivering innovative scanning and software solutions. Fujitsu scanners can easily digitize documents for efficient collaboration and increase productivity. Educators and students alike are able to digitally preserve, protect and archive all of their crucial documents, whether it’s a student’s proposal or a professor’s important administrative paperwork. With Fujitsu scanners handling the paper load, teachers can focus on teaching, and students can focus on learning.



Fujitsu’s market-leading imaging hardware and software enables manufacturing companies to digitize paper documents in order to get to what’s important – the data. Improve the time of processing critical business documents which affect customer orders, billing and payments. Improve customer satisfaction through responsiveness and accuracy of information.

Fujitsu provides manufacturers with accelerated customer response and order processing through easy-to-use and affordable digital automation technology to ensure swift and accurate data capture through scalable and adaptable solutions.


Government recordkeeping is a lot of work. From ID cards, to passports, to paper forms, and legal documents, there’s always plenty of paperwork that needs to be processed. Fujitsu wants to help you get this done as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a leading document imaging provider in the government space, Fujitsu offers some of the best in terms of image quality, paper handling, and end to end speed. That’s why Fujitsu is the number one choice among government entities.